Adidas Adizero Tempo 7 Review

Shoe Info

ModelAdizero Tempo Boost 7
Hell drop
Weight9.40 oz. (266 gr.)
Msrp120 US$
  • Stability is at the top! This is certainly one of the most stable running shoes of any range offered by Adidas.
  • The transition is very well negotiated at each impact thanks to the Boost technology present in the Tempo.
  • The shoe has a very good cushioning thanks to the Adidas Boost.
  • Its lightness is very appreciable.
  • A continental sole that hangs on the road and ensures you a good feeling.
  • The quality of finishes is not as good as other Adidas models.
  • The low color choice (a classic Adidas).
  • The shoe has a very good cushioning thanks to the Adidas Boost.
  • Its lightness is very appreciable.
  • A continental sole that hangs on the road and ensures you a good feeling.

Adidas Adizero Tempo 7 Review:

The Adidas Adizero Tempo 7 is an ideal running shoe for front and mid-foot runners looking for stability and lightness.

Equipped with Boost foam and Continental rubber, its sole provides high-quality performance for fast, rhythmic workouts or competitions. You will be able to be confident and ensure excellent performances.

Adidas Adizero Tempo 7 2

The great technology Boost is also present on this model Adidas to guarantee you an excellent cushioning and a return of energy consequent. Your stride will be more powerful, and your raise will be more important.

Finally, this Adidas running shoe combines comfort and flexibility to develop an ultimate racing experience. In particular, it offers an optimal fit with its micro fit technology, to ensure you an excellent maintenance and well-being.

The Adizero Tempo 7 of Adidas has the characteristic to adhere to soil promoting a stride with better traction and a more powerful thrust, thanks to the presence of its continental rubber. Your grip on the ground is optimal for a perfect racing comfort.

This model has a torsion system to bring more stability and transition to each stride. This system is designed with an active balance bar throughout the length of the foot, allowing the heel and forefoot to move naturally, and the midfoot to remain flexible but stable.

Finally, it is equipped with antiwear technology to ensure a greater durability, especially regarding wear and tear. It absorbs ground impacts at each stride, allowing excellent protection that lasts longer. In the long term, this Adidas shoe will remain efficient and effective.

Adidas Adizero Tempo 7 (3)

Tecnology of  Adidas Adizero Tempo 7 :

  • Adidas Boost in the sole for cushioning and energizing. Boost your responsiveness!
  • StableFrame that allows you to perfectly control your pronation (without orthopedic insoles)
  • Reinforced heel that keeps your foot firmly in place.
  • Torsion System in the middle of the shoe for stability.
  • AdiWear for the durability of the shoe.
  • Continental rubber outsole, the reference!
  • Use of the mesh for the breathability of the shoe in all weather conditions.
  • Compatible with miCoac, ideal for monitoring your performance!

Torsion system

A lightweight and durable system to increase the stability of the foot, while respecting its natural flexibility


Thousands of special energy capsules are injected together in a midsole to revolutionize the way of running. The Boost technology is designed to highlight a higher energy return and an extreme softness of the cushioning. This material is three times stronger than standard Eva and remains effective at temperatures ranging from -20 ° C to + 40 ° C.


Rubber process for better grip, better traction and all weather conditions. The grip is improved by 30%.


Rubber carbon whose soles are made for high abrasion resistance.

Adidas Adizero Tempo 7 – Conclusion :

The Adizero Tempo version 7 from Adidas is an ideal shoe for runners who have a high cruising speed and are constantly looking for dynamism. It is intended for both runners whose stride is neutral and pronators. A perfectly studied control of the pronation.

You will be able to evolve as well on the road as on the paths screened without any problem. Especially since the sole offered by continental is just ideal on all surfaces. It ensures a very good grip, even on wet floors.

If you are looking for responsiveness, the Adizero Tempo 7 is definitely made for you!