Adidas Energy Boost 2 ESM Review

Shoe Info

ModelEnergy Boost
Hell drop
Weight275 gr.
  • The cushioning has been specially developed to bring maximum comfort to the rider you are.
  • A very responsive shoe thanks to the “drop” technology.
  • The liner is well ventilated for optimal comfort.
  • Avoid for rainy weather because the shoe approaches the humidity instead of limiting it. A bad point.
  • A very responsive shoe thanks to the “drop” technology.
  • The liner is well ventilated for optimal comfort.


The Energy Boost 2 ESM is made of so many technologies that we do not know what to start when it comes to presenting it! With the Boost technology, this running boot will give you a great return of energy during the race, at each stride. The ESM rod will bring breath-ability, flexibility, and durability to the shoe.

With a new upper mesh E xtensible Engineered Stretch Mesh (ESM), the running shoe on foot adidas Energy Boost 2 offers excellent fit and optimum breathability. And what about the energy it will provide to your way of running!

The Boost: a formidable step accelerator

Its main technology, the Boost, provides cushioning, optimal comfort and a considerable energy return: your stride will be truly optimized.

Adidas Energy Boost 2 ESM  2

Consisting of small capsules, this energy provides a softer and more effective cushioning than a traditional EVA foam, in addition to being highly resistant and elastic. This boost energy provides maximum rebound to your stride and optimally restores energy, for more lightness and speed in your movements.

The adidas Energy Boost 2.0 comes from a techfit upper and has the particularity to follow the shape of your foot, thanks to its smooth and stretchy material. This upper combines lightness, suppleness and support.

The inside of the upper is made of mesh fabric , so that your running shoe is dry quickly during your running sessions with wet feet or high temperatures.

Its seamless techfit stem provides you with more support while maintaining great flexibility for flexibility in your movements and excellent footwear.


  • Boost Technology: Cushioning and revolutionary responsiveness.
  • Upper TechFit: Maintenance
  • Soft textile upper: Ergonomics
  • Mesh extensible: Ventilation
  • Chassis Powerband: Targeted Support
  • Torsion system: Stability
  • Sole adiWEAR: Sustainability
  • External heel counter: Comfort
  • MiCoach compatible (clip-on tongue)
  • Drop : 10mm

Rubber carbon whose soles are made for high abrasion resistance.
Torsion system
A lightweight and durable system to increase the stability of the foot, while respecting its natural flexibility
Optimum foot through the upper formed from the highly durable and elastic polyurethane. Maximum comfort and support in all the foot during the stride.
Frame disposed of across the upper to provide targeted and localized support stability during the stride.
Thousands of unique energies capsules are injected together in a midsole to revolutionize the way to run. The Boost technology was designed to highlight a higher energy return and extreme flexibility of the cushioning. This material is three times stronger than the standard Eva and remains useful for temperatures ranging from -20 ° C to + 40 ° C.

Adidas Energy Boost 2 ESM – Conclusion

This adidas running shoe for men is suitable for all runners with a universal stride on the road. It is suitable for runners of any weight without distinction. It is suitable for both short and long distances.

Who is this model?

We recommend this model primarily for lighter runners (-70kg) to neutral stride and performance.
An average weight of runner (-85kg) neutral stride and also performance can be used in competition to the maximum half-marathon and runway split sessions.
However, we strongly advise against heavy riders (+ 85kg), because the shoe will not provide cushioning nor the stability to protect the rider from impacts.

What types of use?

The running shoe ADIDAS ENERGY BOOST 2 ESM is a versatile model for your workouts and your competition, on roads. It fits all distances up to half marathon.
It will be an ideal partner also for your sessions fractionated on track, road and stable paths.