Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost 7 Review

Shoe Info

ModelSupernova Sequence 7
Hell drop
Weight305 grams
  • A particular shoe that is stable under all circumstances.
  • The shoe has an ideal cushioning system, whatever the surface: on roads or on sidelined trails. It is also possible to use this type of shoe on irregular ground.
  • Ideal for running long distances with dry feet thanks to the very good breathability of the shoe.
  • The control of the pronation is very good.
  • A bit heavy, it will not please all runners.
  • It is a little pricey but you will not be disappointed by its many qualities. The price is worth it!
  • Ideal for running long distances with dry feet thanks to the very good breathability of the shoe.
  • The control of the pronation is very good.

Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost 7 Review:

Discover the new version of the great Supernova Sequence with the running shoe Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost 7.
Perfect for training and racing competitions walk on roads and marked paths, it brings all his comfort to universal strides in pronation.
With its new Boost sole, you are more efficient! It promoted great dynamism and amortized with an excellent energy return with each stride. The sole is very responsive to help you reach new records while maintaining excellent stability thanks to Frame Stable and Torsion System. These allow a pronation control and support at the arch.

Its mesh upper is responsible for the evacuation of perspiration through its ventilation. The construction Engineered Mesh offers incredible comfort. It adapts to your every move while maintaining an excellent foot support.

The outsole is Continental rubber for grip in all conditions.

Technology of Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost 7

  • Engineered mesh to optimize the breathability of the shoe.
  • Torsion system to be stable at each stride.
  • Stable Frame for pronation control
  • 50% boost for a very good cushioning at each stride.
  • Sole developed by Continental, the top for grip

Torsion system
A lightweight and durable system to increase the stability of the foot, while respecting its natural flexibility

Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost 7 (3)
A lightweight, durable system is controlling pronation in the form of a flexible bi-density of the inner side of the tread.
Method rubber compound for better grip, traction and in all weathers. The grip is improved by 30%.
Thousands of unique energies capsules are injected together in a midsole to revolutionize the way to run. The Boost technology was designed to highlight a higher energy return and extreme flexibility of the cushioning. This material is three times stronger than the standard Eva and remains effective for temperatures ranging from -20 ° C to + 40 ° C.
Engineered mesh
Breathable mesh and profile are making each completely natural movement and provides specific support when and where you need it.
This mesh was designed specifically keeping the idea of ​​movement as a conductive line. This is the perfect combination of comfort, support, and breathability.
Stable Frame
A building providing great support and exactly when or pronator runner needs. Each stride is natural, comfortable and steady.
A more natural approach to stability. Through their studies on the concept ForMotion, Adidas has ensured that stability nor come at the expense of comfort.
– Stable Frame fits every stride, offering the race customization sensation.
– No extra such as ProModerator was added to the midsole for greater tolerance and comfort in the race.
– Tests have revealed that the stability provided is the best in terms of stability in its category, both remaining lighter and more dynamic.

Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost 7 – Conclusion

It is an ideal shoe for pronator runners. i.e., the riders who have feet that sag on the inside.

Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost 7 (2)

The shoe Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost 7 has a drop of 10 mm.
Adidas hit hard by offering high-quality sneakers! Notice to discerning riders, you will not be disappointed by the quality of this running shoe for men.

Who is this model?

As mentioned above, the SUPERNOVA SEQUENCE Boost 7 is intended rather too lightweight runners medium and wake pronation, i.e., who have feet that tend to sag on the inside.
However, it may suit a runner who practices occasionally running (less than one hour per week) or be wishing a lighter model for output split and competitions.

What types of use?

The SUPERNOVA SEQUENCE BOOST 7 is primarily a training shoe, designed for light jogging (endurance output) and the long rides on roads and paths.
However, its dynamic characteristics allow you to use it also on line drives (half marathon or marathon paces) without losing too much in sensations but also on short and long VMA sessions in the recovery of training.