Guide to Choose the best Nike running shoes

In the Running Shoe Brands market, Nike is one of the undisputed leaders, promoted by millions of users around the world.

Established in the 1960s with the encounter and desire of an athlete, Phil Knight, and an athletic trainer, Bill Bowerman, the brand is always looking for improvements both regarding its Products in themselves and regarding how to produce them. With its team of researchers dedicated to providing innovations adapted to athletes from around the world, Nike has created, over the years, sports equipment, in particular, running shoes that are more and more secure, comfortable and accompanying performance.

Highlights of Nike products

With its idea to improve the lives of all athletes, and by the athlete, the brand understands “all who have a body,” the models proposed come from advanced research on biomechanics, physiology and perception, A sporting practice and its impact on the physical.

From this, it draws manufacturing principles closest to the needs of the human body, with minimalist running shoes or on the contrary, increasing performance for the competition.

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When to use Nike running shoes?

Although Nike runners are a favorite among professionals and expert riders, they are all for beginners, regulars, and pro. In their range, you can choose men’s or women’s running shoes, as well as adapt the shoe to your stride depending on whether you are pronator or supinator.

Budget foreseen

With prices adapted to the market, you can hope to buy your Nike for cheap by selling online, between 40 euros and 130 euros.

We have gathered in this guide a few products likely to make the riders happy, to spare you the high comparative between all Nike shoes if you are in a hurry to buy.

Nevertheless, do not hesitate to consult our comparison guide on running shoes in general, to know more about how to choose the best running shoe.

Guide to Choose the best Nike running shoes

Nike running shoes for sale on the Internet

The first model that catches our attention is the Downshifter for men. It is not part of the 2015 collection, but it was last year’s collection and is available in dark gray, blue and gray, or in plain white.

The closure is made with laces, and the outside is made of synthetic material and canvas. The type of stride that it understands is universal or neutral and is particularly suitable for fall/winter. Customers who have taken the test appreciate their lightness and excellent cushioning, as well as the sobriety of the design. Count from 48 euros and more according to the options selected to make the purchase on Amazon.

The following model is the Nike Free Run, one of the most recommended running shoes for comparison, for its simplicity and efficiency, which make it one of the best for all. It is also a good pair of running shoes for beginners looking for quality. Existing in no fewer than 25 different colors, black, orange, yellow, pink and mixed, you will be able to choose it according to your tastes. Very flexible and good support for the foot, it makes the race or the trail pleasant. The aeration is also superb in this version 5.0, in comparison to the previous ones. Its price is about 82 euros.

Next, we go to the Nike Air Max, also-also very well known in the range of running shoes. The rubber heel is equipped with an air cushion specifically designed to cushion the shocks of jogging on your joints and your back. The exterior is in canvas with a padded tongue that further increases comfort and the design are sought after.

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Recognized as robust and comfortable by the users, they will follow you in all your outings and will especially like junior runners. The displayed price starts at about 97 euros and more depending on the options.

Continue with the Dual Fusion Run, the model of runners for men. It is well named because the exterior is a mixture of leather and textile, which gives an even more qualitative aspect to the shoe. The tip is reinforced, and an intermediate sole increases the cushioning and support of the foot. The rubber outsole is printed with waffle patterns, which are particularly recommended for road trips because they will absorb the irregularities of the terrain. It costs about 108 euros on Amazon.

Also in a slightly more evolved range, we find the Nike Vomero men ‘s running shoe. This quasi-pro equipment will reduce the intensive racers, who will find cushioning and spring effect in a perfect sole for running.

It also helps to make long distances by reducing fatigue, being part of the Rolls Royce of the running shoes. Its exterior is canvas, with a lace closure that gives you the ability to modulate the width. Its price begins at 109 euros approximately and goes up according to the options selected.

Finally, let’s finish with one of the best running shoes, the Nike Air Pegasus (there is also the Icarius). Always a model for men, which is even lighter than the previous versions.

Nike free run Running shoes with good cushioning, very responsive, and with an ideal foot support, which is worth it to be prized by many riders. A buttress on the inside, at the heel, includes even better foot for comfort and uses Cushion technology to absorb shocks.

Besides, the sole is embossed, making it adaptable to all surfaces. They are also breathable, and in no way lose their flexibility despite all these options. The exterior is made of canvas, and reflective strips allow you to be spotted even in inclement weather. Count about 127 euros to make the purchase online.

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So, with Nike running shoes, you are sure not to make mistakes.
Many customers are loyal to the brand and regularly go to it to equip themselves because the cushions are superb, as well as the lightness, essential criteria for a pleasant jogging according to the opinion of all. With the internet, you benefit in addition to low prices.

Guide to Choose the best Nike running shoes

Practical tips to be at ease in its running sneakers

Even when choosing the best pair of Nike running shoes for women or men, you should know how to listen to your feet especially if you run assiduously several times a week.

Did you know that running, whether for training or during a competition, causes chemical reactions and hot flushes? It is therefore normal that the feet swell after physical exertion.

Even if it’s hard to achieve the same effect in everyday life, walking, standing, heat and the compression of work shoes put a strain on the feet at the end of the day. The feeling of fatigue is the same. It is for this reason that the early evening is the best time to buy a cheap Nike running shoes, whether for a man or a woman.

Always in the same perspective, the Nike shoes purchased must be well seated to avoid the risks of friction. And as the feet swell during the race, it is better to add a half size or even a size in addition to the new Nike base to be able to run comfortably in training or during the race. This precaution is valid whether you choose a Nike Men’s Shoe or Nike Women’s Sneakers.


How to choose your Nike running shoes?

It is entirely possible that beginners are attracted by the innovative design of the Nike free run or Nike air max running. But the visible aspect is not the only criterion to be taken into account. The surface where riders will evolve greatly influences the choice of a Nike sports shoe.

When the course is rather stable, i.e., not too irregular, Nike running shoes qualified as road are ample enough to protect the feet and the joints. On the other hand, Nike performance and similar models are highly recommended if you are traveling steep trails, steep slopes and so on. The trail shoe is also welcome since it is equipped with cleats, thus offering a better grip.

If you do not know if your stride is supination, native or universal, do not hesitate to consult a podiatrist. Failing that, check the wear on your Nike running basketball. But to overcome these defects more or less important, the brand offers universal sports shoes. These are versatile models that can be worn by both beginners and experienced people on all types of soil. The manufacturer has already made some corrections so that they can adapt to the morphologies of the riders.

The last criterion to be seen when buying Nike running sneakers is the weight. At each stride, an athlete produces a shock wave equivalent to his weight multiplied by three. The role of the joints is to dampen the joint so that it can not create negative impacts on the spine and the brain. To limit this vibration, Nike shoes with excellent cushioning should be preferred especially if the weight of the athlete exceeds 80 kg.