Asics Gel DS Trainer 22 Review

Shoe Info

ModelSaucony guide 10
Heel drop8 mm
Weight10 oz. (283 gr.)
Msrp120 US$
  • Drop 8mm for very close to the natural stride stride.
  • The shoe is light, 300 grams month thereby make it more efficient. Asics usually offers heavier shoes.
  • It is dynamic and allows for good times.
  • It is versatile by nature: it can also be used for any sports hall for fast walking, fitness, gym …
  • It does not really negative except it’s not really meant to be used over long distances.
  • Tongue construction is too thin.
  • Limited colorways.

Asics Gel DS Trainer 22 Review :

Looking for even more speed and performance during your races? Do not wait to aquire the Gel DS Trainer 21 Asics! This running shoe will bring you what you want to perform: lightness, dynamism, cushioning and grip. It was redesigned to offer more feel the ground and comfort.

The running shoe ASICS GEL-DS TRAINER 22 is suitable for your quick workouts and your competition. Indeed the most versatile range of ASICS running, it provides comfort, lightness, and dynamism to lead you to the performance.

The upper is composed of a mesh completely devoid of stitching to offer you more lightness and comfort. This helps reduce the risk of chafing and irritations dreaded by the runners. The outer shell heel provides excellent support uncompressed and very soft.

On this new version of DS TRAINER, the midsole is FLYTEFOAM, the result of 3 years of work and research at the Institute of Sports Science in Kobe (Japan) to provide lightweight cushioning. The result is evident with a sole 55% lighter than standard EVA and 33% lighter than the Solyte sole Asics. And especially an increased sustainability with the addition of fiber reinforced allowing the sole to regain the first shape between each stride. Cushioning is optimal for each stance and proves very useful on your average racing and long distance. It also contains the system GEL in the heel for absorption Optimal shock and durable.
The stride is more fluid and dynamic with the concept Propulsion Trusstic, which promotes the transition between the heel and the forefoot.
To stabilize the foot roll, the presence system DYNAMIC DuoMax help reinforce the inner part of the midsole and thus support arch correctly if hyper-pronation.

The outsole is fitted with Wet Grip Rubber rubber highly resistant to abrasion and offers excellent adhesion. Coupled with spikes PU Duosole, the grip is just ideal for aggressive traction and a maximum energy gain, even when the road is wet.

More than ever, the DS TRAINER is a real record to boot!

Technology of Asics Gel DS Trainer 22

  • For your daily workouts in preparation for marathons
  • FlyteFoam : Cushioning continuous air wake and light
  • Guidance Line : Improves place
  • Dynamic Duomax : Control of pronation, foot support and correction stride smoothly
  • Impact Guidance System : Improves wake cycle
  • Propulsion Trusstic : Power of the pulse, dynamics
  • Heat seal mesh upper seamless : breathability and comfort
  • 3M Reflective : Visibility and Security
  • Weight: 219g in size 42
  • Color: gray, silver, black, blue and yellow


Positioning calculated flex grooves that guide the shoe to the foot trajectory is closest to the ideal movement. Pronator, universal or supinators find in IGS concept adapted to their stride. Its work will be completed by the Duomax and Trusstic / Duotruss.

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3M Reflective

reflective materials for better visibility at night, allowing to run safely.

Guidance Line

Characterized by a visible groove in the midsole and contact sole with the ground. This notch below the center of pressure of the foot from the heel to the toes. This provides a more adaptive running shoe, creating with every stride a smoother transition from the impact phase and the pulse. Thus, the Guidance Line thus helps runners to maintain a natural, efficient gait, especially over long distances.

Removable insole

EVA insole adapted to the shape of the foot, to position removable corrective insole.

Propulsion Trusstic

Ark midfoot that mimics the tissue supports your arch using your energy to propel you forward.

Dynamic DuoMAx

System midsole dual density for added support and stability.

Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System

Asics GEL, the most famous innovations of the brand. To provide the highest shock absorption, the GEL units are strategically positioned in the midsole. The shape of the units is specifically related to their position and action.


Three years of development and 300 prototypes for cushioning FlyteFoam.

Fiber reinforced and padded with a material 55% lighter than the industry standard; this cushioning regains its shape with each stride. You get a place air.

The continuous cushioning is possible through efficient shock absorption and instantly returns to its original shape ensuring maximum cushioning.

-Soft landing
-light and airy

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Asics Gel DS Trainer 22 – Conclusion

This running shoe is ideal for short and medium distances. This shoe can also be used in rooms or for walking, fitness. In short a versatile shoe.

We particularly like the design of the shoe, runners who like to run with style will love! Besides the FuzeX range also extends to clothes for fashion lovers.

Running anytime and anywhere is the motto of the brand, a currency that is also ours.

We let you discover this first FuzeX!

Asics quality first!

“After some speed sessions, I just run a half without any worries. lightweight and comfortable shoes with good cushioning.”


Who is this model for?

We recommend this model for neutral runners and pronator stride, the foot smoothly through the middle or on the outside and especially who does not collapse on the outside. It is suitable for runners lightweight medium (-85kg).
We déconseillerons this model a + 85kg runner, shoes not providing the amount of cushioning for good shock absorption or protect your joints.

For what types of use

The DS TRAINER 22 is primarily intended to practice running intensively for competition and training split.
It will have the distinction of being versatile for lighter runners (-70kg). Basically, with this model, they will appreciate for fast jogging, split sessions and even to run the marathon for runners -85kg, they will be ideal for split sessions and competitions.