Asics Gel Kayano 23

Shoe Info

ModelGel-Kayano 23
Hell drop10 mm
Weight11.50 oz. (326 gr.)
Msrp 160 US$
  • Keeping the foot in the shoe is very good. The padding is made to perfection.
  • It compensates very well the pronative stride.
  • Its cushioning is simply excellent.
  • The Kayano is very solid, it holds perfectly in time. This is due in particular to its manufacture and materials of very good quality.
  • It lacks a bit of flexibility in transitions.
  • The shoe is rather heavy, so it is better for “heavy” runners than lightweight.
  • Its cost is important, count more than 150 € on average.
  • It lacks dynamism because of its weight in particular.

Asics Gel Kayano 23 Review :

The Japanese brand presents the range of shoes Gel Kayano again under the spotlight with the Gel Kayano 23. Renowned for his qualities always long distance, the new model stands out for its incredible lightness product category.

The Running shoes Asics GEL KAYANO is one of the great classics of running a range of the Japanese brand. The Asics Gel Kayano 23 black and orange for man brings some significant innovations you bring even more comfort, among others by integrating new technology FlyteFoam.

Asics Gel Kayano 23 (2)

Present on the entire length of the midsole, FlyteFoam is the new technique developed by Asics in its laboratories Kobe in Japan. The result of 3 years research and development, this new concept is lighter than standard methods and gives you a continuous cushioning for greater protection and an effect of bounce nice. Coupled with the system amortized GEL in the heel and forefoot, history cushioning system of the brand, you get a shock absorber where they are the most violent.

The upper is devoid of stitching through the system innovative assembly of the various parts that compose it and allows to reduce the risk of chafing and irritation. The fit FluiFit envelope the foot correctly, with its expandable mesh in all directions, to perfectly adapt to the movements of the foot, which ensures the comfort of the start to the finish of your race.

Finally, the outsole is composed of a more resistant high-density rubber and is associated with the rubber AHAR +, even more resistant, located in the areas of high abrasion. This sole is more durable and will last the distance.

Technology of Asics Gel Kayano 23

  • Cushioned FlyteFoam technology for cushioning throughout the race.
  • Outsole Solid Rubber Outsole for maximum grip (this sole is also particularly resistant in time).
  • AHAR + for maximum grip whatever the weather.
  • Dynamic DuoMax midsole and Impact Guidance Systempour guide your stride in the right direction.
  • GEL Cushioning System (at the heel and forefoot) for smooth cushioning.
  • Upper FluidFit and Talon Clutch Counter for foot support.
  • 3M Reflective to be seen at night, a security every moment.
  • Conmfordry Lasting so that your feet are always dry!


Positioning calculated flex grooves that guide the shoe to the foot trajectory is closest to the ideal movement. Pronator, universal or supinators find in IGS concept adapted to their stride. Its work will be completed by the Duomax and Trusstic / Duotruss.

3M Reflective

reflective materials for better visibility at night, allowing to run safely.

Guidance Line

Characterized by a visible groove in the midsole and contact sole with the ground. This notch below the center of pressure of the foot from the heel to the toes. This provides a more adaptive running shoe, creating with every stride a smoother transition from the impact phase and the pulse. Thus, the Guidance Line thus helps runners to maintain a natural, efficient gait, especially over long distances.

Asics Gel Kayano 23 (3)

Removable insole

EVA insole adapted to the shape of the foot, to position removable corrective insole.

Ahar +
New density AHAR. Improves cushioning and durability.

Dynamic DuoMAx

System midsole dual density for added support and stability.

Clutch Counter

exoskeleton shell heel for better heel hold and a better ground feel.

Dynamic DuoMAx

System midsole dual density for added support and stability.

Guidance Trusstic

The new structure of Trusstic system integrated with the Guidance Line to improve the roll of the foot while ensuring its continuation.


Combines technical mesh which extends in several directions through a stretchable material such as to create the effect of a glove. Thus it offers excellent support without pressure.

Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System

Asics GEL, the most famous innovations of the brand. To provide the highest shock absorption, the GEL units are strategically positioned in the midsole. The shape of the units is specifically related to their position and action.


Three years of development and 300 prototypes for cushioning FlyteFoam.

Fiber reinforced and padded with a material 55% lighter than the industry standard; this cushioning regains its shape with each stride. You get a place air.

The continuous cushioning is possible through efficient shock absorption and instantly returns to its original shape ensuring maximum cushioning.

-Soft landing
-light and airy

Asics Gel Kayano 23  – Conclusion

The 23rd Kayano of the name was born recently and Asics offers us once again a very good shoe. A shoe that is clearly aimed at runners with pronative stride.

The Kayano is the star shoe of the brand Asics, it itself star in the universe of running throughout the World. 23 generations of Kayano have followed a quality always present and constant. Sensations of perfect races that the regulars would not want to change for nothing in the World!

In addition to performance, this shoe is the most solid, it is very difficult to get through a kayano!

Kayano has always been the ideal shoe for long distance runs (20km, 40km). Its true ground of predilection, not that it is not adapted to the races over short distances (10km, 5km).

Who is this model?

We recommend this model to the runner’s stride pronation, the foot collapses inward, and from + 70kg.
It nevertheless noted that this model would suit a Light weight rider (-70kg) as part of the intensive use and use on long distance drives.

What types of use?

The gel KAYANO 23 is primarily a training shoe, designed for light jogging (endurance output) and the long rides on roads and paths.
However, if you are a runner + 85kg, it can also be used in shoes dynamic drives for your split sessions (VMA – Threshold) for you to protect against shocks in all circumstances, without harming your performance.