ModelGlycerin 12
Heel drop
Weight10.9 oz. (309 gr.)
Msrp150 US$
  • It is very comfortable in all racing situations. You will be comfortable in all circumstances. This will allow you to run long distance races without any problem, you marathons!
  • It has excellent cushioning.
  • Very good dynamism, even on wet ground.
  • A very strong shoe that will withstand time
  • Its look, we like it or we do not like it at all
  • Its weight because some of you do not enjoy running with balls to the feet.
  • Its price is very high, can be a little too … Too bad because it may be its only fault with this shoe.


This running shoe is ideal for roads as well as on roads and allows to be at ease at all the distances. The versatility of Glycerin 12 is one of the great qualities of Brooks’ latest addition.

The Glycerin 12 is positioned as a high-rise shoe that adopts a distinctive look: this one will leave anybody indifferent anyway.
After two months of racing mainly on the road, I give you my opinion on this model from Brooks.

Brooks Glycerin 12 (1)


From the first stride, this Brooks Glycerin 12 shoe looks very comfortable: its upper entirely envelops the shape of my foot thanks to its seamless 3D Fit design. I did not feel any particular friction, which is very appreciable when the kilometers accumulate.

Very light with its 272 grams, I have the feeling of striding forward on the bitumen without much difficulty. You have to run all the same; it’s not easy …

I was pleasantly surprised by his cushioning which fits perfectly to my way of running and my pace. It is a pleasure at each stride. The Glycerin 12 absorbs shocks perfectly and offers more flexibility and dynamism to my speed thanks to Super DNA technology.

After a few kilometers, between freedom and maintenance, I always feel perfectly well, and I take a lot of fun. She protects my foot as it should, while perfectly following its movements, without any constraint, at least it is the sensation that I have.

Pressure zones are distributed throughout the foot: This optimizes the stride and allows for greater stability. The Glycerin 12 adapts perfectly to my racing style.

I also notice the excellent ability to hold the kilometers despite fatigue. It gives me the impression that nothing can happen to me, it offers me permanently the cushioning and comfort I need, even when my stride degrades.

The new Glycerin 12 from Brooks can be used up to four times a week without any problems, whether in training or during competitions, on half marathons or shorter and more rhythmic races. It proves to be the high-end running shoe that combines both comfort and cushioning. The only flaw in this Brooks model is its price, but it’s worth it!

Brooks Glycerin 12 (3)

The elements that I retain concerning this running shoe are in a few words: C comfort, cushioning, dynamism, flexibility, and maintenance.

The style of the Glycerin 12 made me completely capsize, and its technical qualities have finally convinced me. Its lightness allowed me to go further in performance safely. For me, it is the ideal companion to travel long distances.


  • Super DNA for superior cushioning!
  • MoGo technology to boost the shoe even more.
  • System “Omni Grooves” to improve the dynamism.
  • HPR that allows the shoe to withstand almost everything!
  • CT for sustainability
  • Bios-257 to ensure unprecedented cushioning.
  • 3D Fit Print that ensures excellent comfort.


Component super durable rubber outsole, specially developed by Brooks to reduce wear thereof; especially in highly stressed areas like the heel.

Omega Grooves

Improves foot flexibility and dynamism with flexible grooves that naturally return to their starting position.

S-257 Cushsole

Component of the sustainable midsole, energy efficient, such an insole providing cushioning and flexibility.

Super DNA

Upscale midsole made of a material that provides cushioning 25% and more compared to BioMoGo DNA.

Ideal Pressure Zones

The outsole is designed to distribute weight evenly between the heel, middle and front foot. Each transition is so smooth and effortless.

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3D Fit Print

A revolutionary process, implementing a screen printing technology for applying an original structure on the stem. 3D printing implemented the various layers at the stem and unsewn for softness and lightness.

Cushion me

Soft and protective, these shoes each impact cushion for comfort throughout your run.


The Brooks GLYCERIN 12  allows you to run safely and to enjoy maximum comfort. Ideal for your running trips on roads or paths stable , it provides a perfect race to lead you to the performance .


The Glycerin 12 rather is intended to mean weight of heavy runners (+ 55kg) and neutral stride, the foot place perfectly aligned. Also suitable for riders having a pair of insoles.
However, it may be appropriate for a lightweight runner (-55kg) practicing running intensively (more than four times a week with at least one large 1h30 output and more) and want maximum protection against shocks and thus prevent injury to the sequence of kilometers.


The Glycerin 12 is primarily a training shoe, designed for light jogging (endurance output) and the long rides on roads and paths for heavy riders.
Its dynamic characteristics allow you to use it also on line drives (half marathon or marathon paces) without losing too much in sensations but also on short and long VMA sessions workout recovery.