Hoka One One Huaka Review

Shoe Info

ModelLunarEpic Flyknit
Hell drop —
Weight293 grams
Msrp 82 US$
  • The Huaka of Hoka One One is particularly light, some will appreciate! And yet it does not seem light at first glance, think again!
  • The shoe has been developed without any sewing, which allows to benefit from a very good comfort, thus avoiding the possible irritations.
  • This running shoe is particularly strong. It will hold in time without flinching.
  • It’s so special, you really have to try it! At least once in his life of runner to know the sensations that one feels in carrying them.
  • The shoe does not really hold the road when the ground is wet, it tends to slip fast enough. Use when the weather is dry.
  • It is a little expensive, it must be said. Even if its performance compensates the extra cost.
  • Small chippings can get lodged in the sole, this can be unpleasant.
  • The look a bit extraterrestrial, we like it or we do not like at all, it’s up to you to see!

Hoka One One Huaka Review:

Discover the new minimalist running shoe of Hoka One One, the Huaka, Univers-Running! This model has an ultra-lightweight seamless for the welfare of the total. The midsole R-MAT brings both of the responsiveness and the resistance to the shoe. A future bestseller!
The model Huaka of Hoka One One is a shoe designed for runners who want a shoe with great efficiency with minimal weight. The famous midsole R-MAT Hoka presented on this model and the Speedframe rod for a very light protection. On the road or during a trail , you will not be disappointed.

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Incredible racing sensations

It’s not just his lightweight (239 g average) makes this a pleasant Huaka model to run. Its drop of only 2 mm is also involved in sensations offered by the shoe.

Also impossible to overlook what is special about Hoka mark, namely its oversized soles. This cushioning “OverSize” incorporates a technical volume to 2.5 times higher than a traditional midsole. The shock absorption is the same exceptional suddenly, with a feeling of lightness and stability that will benefit to reduce fatigue of the feet, legs and the whole body

This midsole also incorporates the R-MAT technology to introduce rebound characteristics of callouts and above average service life, even on wet surfaces.

The outsole also features this technology, and adds paved 2 mm for extra grip. The ground contact is total.

The curved flange has a geometry in the form of “K” in order to rectify dynamically stride.

A well-designed shoe

To protect the foot of the best ways a Speedframe stem without seams will stabilize you, and whatever the ground practiced.

The Race-Lace lacing system Hoka is both faster, safer and lighter. Two elastic will hold a custom lacing. Note that a pair of classic lace is present in the box.

Remarkable flexibility, stability and longévitié the Huaka will definitely talk about it!

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Technology Of  Hoka One One Huaka

  • R-Mat technology to propel you with every rebound on the floor.
  • K-shaped sole to increase the dynamism of the shoe.
  • QuickLace lacing for a very good foot support.
  • Use of the mesh for good breathability.

R-Mat technology, new material of the midsole, this exclusive features: An improved rebound, greater strength and exceptional grip of the outer sole, even on the wet surface.
Due to its properties, it offers outstanding flexibility, greater stability underfoot and durability.

Hoka One One Huaka – Conclusion :

The Huaka running shoe from Hoka One One has been designed for riders who want to perform on the road.

The Huaka is almost 3 centimeters in the sole!

They are particularly easy to put on thanks to the tab at the heel, all stupid but so practical. This also avoids to force in the shoes or to take off and thus to damage them.

Its drop of only 2 mm will allow you to run with a most natural stride.