Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 Review

Shoe Info

ModelWave Inspire 11
Weight9.75 oz. (276 gr.)
Msrp120 US$
  • The shoe benefits from a very good cushioning.
  • Very good stability.
  • It is light for its category.
  • A breathable shoe thanks to Mesh.
  • It is suitable for both neutral and pronative stride.
  • The seams inside are not ideally placed.
  • It lacks reflection (to be seen at night).
  • In short, few negatives.
  • A breathable shoe thanks to Mesh.
  • It is suitable for both neutral and pronative stride.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 Review:


Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 designed for runners with neutral feet in pronation on roads and marked paths.

Your outsole is structured with the Wave plate to bring you a stable optimum in the impact with the ground phase. Your stride remains in the axis despite pronation.
The SR Touch focuses on the cushioning of your heel to improve your post-impact comfort ans your place is gaining flexibility and lightness.

The shoe Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 offers AirMesh rod for more breathability and ventilation while you speed up the pace.
Your outsole is equipped with flexible grooves and coating X10. You gain traction and durability.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 (2)

Technology of Mizuno Wave Inspire 11

  • Lightweight and breathable, dynamic and stable
  • Wave Plate: Control of pronation
  • SR Touch heel: cushioning and shock absorption, lightness, post-impact comfort, dynamic stride
  • U4IC in the midsole: 30% reduction of the total weight, weight and shock absorption
  • Reinforced heel: Maintenance and stability
  • Bending notches on the outsole: Flexibility and dynamism
  • Smooth Ride: Stability and flexibility
  • X10 coating on the outsole: strength and resistance, tensile
  • Rod AirMesh: breathability and ventilation
  • removable inner sole for an orthopedic sole


Only technology to combine two qualities indispensable to a performance running shoe: Cushioning and Stability. The Wave plate ensures a better distribution of the shock wave at the moment of impact on the ground, thus ensuring excellent cushioning. The differences in level and amplitude of the Wave plates on the inside and outside of the feet ensure the stability of the boot. By playing on these differences in amplitude, Mizuno is able to adapt to all stride and all the weights of the riders to offer maximum performance.

Smooth Ride

Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 contain unique technology that reduces the acceleration and deceleration phases of the stride, reduces vibration and increases the flexibility of the shoe to provide an even smoother ride.


Durability and Traction. X10 is a carbon rubber that increases the abrasion resistance of the outsole. It is positioned in the area where abrasion is most important.


Airy nylon placed on the shoe upper, allowing the foot to breathe better and offering the shoe an excellent breathability.

SR Touch

A new, comfortable and lighter component. It has very high-performance rebound properties offering a lot of dynamism while maintaining a very good transition during stride.


Ultra comfortable midsole provides excellent cushioning. It is 30% lighter than Ap + but retains the same performance.


Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 is more comfort, more cushioning, more support and less weight. this shoe has excellent stability and allow run lively rhythms. And the balance achieved between damping and response is a success.

“I bought Mizuno Wave Inspire 11  after reviewing the reviews, and I am very satisfied. I was essentially looking for an efficient model for stability and cushioning. This one is perfect (although the color is not necessarily what I would have preferred)”

Who is this model ?

As mentioned above, the WAVE INSPIRE 11 is intended rather to runners of -70kg and neutral stride.
However, it may be appropriate for a runner + 70kg practicing occasionally running (less than one hour per week) or wishing a lighter model for output split and competitions.

What types of use ?

The WAVE INSPIRE 11 is primarily a training shoe, designed for light jogging (endurance output) and the long rides on roads and paths.
However, its dynamic characteristics allow you to use it also on line drives (half marathon or marathon paces) without losing too much in sensations but also on short and long VMA sessions in the recovery of training.