Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4 Review

Shoe Info

ModelWave Sayonara 4
TypeLight weight
Hell drop10 mm
Weight8.60 oz. (244 gr.)
Msrp109.99 US$
  • The Sayonara 4 benefits from very good materials which makes it rather sturdy, it will swallow the kilometers without flinching and will follow you in all your outings running during the year to come.
  • The wave sayonara 4 is lightweight, it makes it possible to accomplish fast, fractionated outings. An ideal shoe to improve your times!
  • The laces are of good quality, without more.
  • Mizuno’s Wave technology is somewhat aging, with few changes to note in this new version 4 (but it can still be noted that it is still effective). So why change a winning team?

Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4 Review:

In search of a shoe to energize your workouts and optimize your speed, go for the running shoe Mizuno Wave SAYONARA 4. Lightweight and comfortable, it will unveil on quick workouts and your competitions all distances up to the marathon.

Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4 (2)

Equipped with a U4iC sole, it offers lighter weight than the standard sole and cushioning properties superior and dynamic. Coupled with technology WAVE, the Pebax plate wavy located at the heel, it provides firm and energetic sensations to bring you quickly forward while ensuring a high level of stability. And with the concept SmoothRide, the transition from heel to forefoot is more fluid and soft for comfort.

The fit is very nice, consistent with the knowledge of the Japanese brand. The heel is perfectly wedged into place, the kick maintained properly, and forefoot offers some width to allow more room for the toes. The mesh honeycomb provides excellent ventilation to keep the foot at the ideal temperature.

Finally, an outer sole with X10 rubber ensures adhesion and durability, even on the wet road.

Technology Of Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4

  • Wave technology developed by Mizuno to ensure excellent cushioning and stability
  • New SmoothRide that significantly reduces vibration during your stride. The technology has just been improved.
  • AirMesh for your foot to breathe during the race.
  • Support bands at the front of the foot.
  • Intercool that allows your feet not to suffer from the heat.
  • U4ic for cushioning at each impact on the ground.
  • X10 system for the durability of the shoe.


Only technology to combine two essential qualities for a high performance running shoe: Cushioning and stability. The Wave plate ensures a better distribution of the shock wave at the time of impact with the ground, providing excellent cushioning. Leveling and amplitude differences Wave plates inside and outside at the feet can guarantee the stability of the shoe. By playing these differences in amplitude, Mizuno was able to adapt to all trampled and weights runners for maximum performance.


Unique technology that reduces the acceleration and deceleration phases of the stride, reduces vibration and increases the flexibility of the shoe to provide ever more fluid race.


Durability and Traction. X10 is a carbon rubber which increases the abrasion resistance of the outsole. It is positioned in the area where abrasion is most important.


ventilated nylon placed on the upper of the shoe, allowing the foot to breathe easier and offering the shoe excellent breathability.


Fit shoeTechnology that allows the shank of the shoe to follow the foot movement, which reduces the stresses and distortions experienced by the shoe and prevents movement of the tongue. Unique technology that provides excellent support and great comfort.

Mizuno Intercool

ventilation system positioned at the natural flex points and the midsole. The ventilation channels arranged along the entire length of the sole can reduce sensations heat and humidity.

Premium Insock

Midsole respecting the anatomy of the foot for ideal comfort and cushioning.


Ultra comfortable sole intermediary with excellent cushioning. It is 30% lighter than the p + but retains the same performance.


The footwear is very pleasant, according to the know-how of the Japanese brand. The heel is perfectly seated in its location, the kick is maintained properly and the front foot offers a little width to leave more room to the toes. The mesh honeycomb provides excellent ventilation to keep the foot at the ideal temperature.

Finally, the Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4 X10 rubber outsole guarantees grip and durability, even on wet roads.

“Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4 is fit perfectly with my needs. The brand offers models for Pied Large. Thanks, MIZUNO!”


Who is this model for?

As mentioned above, the WAVE SAYONARA 4 is intended for high- performance runners (-70kg) and neutral stride .
However, it will be suitable for a runner of -80kg wishing a model allowing him to gain sensation and performance on split sessions and competitions until half marathon.
We advise against a rider of + 80kg.

For what types of use

The WAVE SAYONARA 4 is a versatile shoe designed for fast (split) training and competitions, on road and stable track.
A light rider will also appreciate it for its jogging and long trips, with a little work specific to semi-marathon or marathon.