Nike Air Zoom Elite 9 Review

Shoe Info

ModelZoom Elite 9
Heel drop8 mm
Weight7.90 oz. (224 gr.)
Msrp119.95 US$
  • A lightweight shoe that pushes you to run ever faster! It is known for speed.
  • The Zoom Elite is particularly comfortable and will allow you to chain the kilometers in absolute comfort.
  • It is rather reserved for confirmed runners who run fast.
  • It lacks a bit of dynamism.

Riders looking for performance and dynamism while maintaining minimal cushioning will be served with this new version of the running shoe NIKE ZOOM ELITE 9 neon yellow and white for men. Decidedly more “racy” from previous versions, it is ideal for your intense running outputs threshold or VMA. This is why you find many similarities from the Streak 6.

Technology of Nike Lunarglide 8

  • Ideal for runneurs Research dynamism and lightness
  • Chevrons on the outsole traction and grip
  • Units Zoom Air forefoot: responsive cushioning
  • Cushion LT: light
  • Flywire: maintenance and precise adjustment
  • Flymesh: breathability
  • Seamless: comfort reinforced
  • Insole: hygiene
  • 214 g in size 42

Zoom Air

Zoom Air cushioning is responsive and fast system. Thousands expandable fiber are connected to each end within an incredibly thin air cushion. This pad is then filled with air as gases. When air is compressed, the fibers shrink.
With the air pressure and contraction of the fibers, they allow the Zoom Air cushion to absorb shocks to regain his form more quickly, resulting in immediate response in a fraction of at seconde.Grâce its low profile, the air cushion keeps the foot close to the ground, for exceptional sensations.

Nike Air Zoom Elite 9 (2)

Fly Wire

Fly wire helps provide maintenance and ultra-lightweight comfort for your foot. It draws its strength from thin nylon fibers strategically placed on the upper of the shoe to keep the foot in place, preventing the foot from slipping during activity. This will significantly reduce the weight, the material being used only in places necessary for a good structure

Nike Zoom

Lightweight cushioning, ultra-responsive performance. Incredibly flat, the Nike Zoom unit keeps the foot close to the ground to ensure optimum feel and maneuverability. Ultra light.


2.0 Mesh woven in one piece. Seamless for maximum comfort and lightness.

Nike Air Zoom Elite 9 Conclusion

Weighing in at 8.2 ounces, with a 8 metric linear unit heel drop, one would expect the Zoom Elite nine to perform terribly equally to alternative shoes on the market with the round the same specs.

The Zoom Elite is particularly comfortable and allow you to chain the kilometers in absolute comfort.

Who is this model:

We recommend this model for neutral runners stride, the foot smoothly in the axis or wearing insoles and lightweight medium (for split sessions and competitions to marathon). 
We do not recommend this model for heavy runners (+ 80kg).

What types of use:

The ZOOM ELITE 9 is a mixed running shoe, designed for both training and split road competitions.
Despite this, a light runner (-70kg) will be satisfied with this model for use on jogging short durations and dynamics even long trips with the intensity in the marathon.