Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit Review

Shoe Info

ModelNike Free RN Motion Flyknit
Heel drop4 mm
Weight7.40 oz. (210 gr.)
Msrp150 US$
  • Easy to slip into
  • Comfortable ride
  • Unstable with lateral movements
  • Added price for unproven sole design

Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit Review :

An ultra-smooth ride and superior comfort! The Nike Free Motion Flyknit RN for men offers a comfortable top and place more natural and responsive. Designed for runners with neutral feet on roads.

Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit (1)

The outsole offers a designer -way to obtain the respondent and movements more dynamic while remaining close to you.

A maintenance perfectly adjusted! The Nike Free RN Moton Flyknit is made with weaving in a thread on its uppers. You get a precise envelope of your foot.

Technolgy of Nike Free RN Motion  Flyknit

  • Ultra-soft and very comfortable minimalist shoe
  • Drop 4mm: Sensations close to the ground
  • Midsole Dual density foam core +: Cushioning
  • Outsole auxetic: Responsiveness, flexibility and more natural place
  • Resistant rubber on the outsole at the points of impact: Adhesion and abrasion resistance
  • Flyknit upper one seam and stretch: Maintenance and adjustment, compressive effect, precise, superior comfort
  • Flywire cables integrated lacing system: Envelope adjusted arch, maintenance
  • Rounded heel: more natural Maintenance
  • Extensible ribbed: threading Ease
  • Removable insole Hygiene and comfort
  • Weight: 193g in size 42
  • Colors: Gray, green and black

Fly Wire

Help provide maintenance and ultra-lightweight comfort for your foot. It draws its strength from thin nylon fibers strategically placed on the upper of the shoe to keep the foot in place, preventing the foot from slipping during activity. This will significantly reduce the weight, the material being used only in areas necessary for a good structure

Nike Free

According to various studies, the feet of athletes who are used to running barefoot are more powerful in general. The natural movement increases strength, and strength is all about speed. Nike Free is dedicated to speed. But we must first build muscles to get used to the Nike Free technology. The root grooves in the outsole allow the foot to flex and move naturally as if you were barefoot.


Inspired guidance of avid riders also have a comfortable shoe a sock and providing the feeling of running barefoot.

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Dynamic Flywire

The Flywire cables (braided polyester son for maximum strength, like cables on a suspension bridge) wrap the midfoot that integrate with laces for a remarkable maintenance, will stabilize and lock your foot during explosive movements.

Auxetic sole

New technology that is found on all Free soles. The sole stretches so multidirectional to reproduce benefit the natural movement of the foot.
The sole expands and contracts uniformly in all directions. Thus, the distribution of the impact is enhanced to a faithful imitation of the foot.

Nike Free RN Flyknit – Conclusion

Nike Free RN Flyknit is the model for riders wishing to multiply their feelings and enjoy the benefits of barefoot running,  wanting to progress with a shoe allowing them to strengthen their support and gain power. This to achieve a more efficient stride and more efficient.

I bought these shoes there about a month, and the first out went well … eventually, that I run on road and land, the shoe offers less cushioning, especially at the foot of attack (before me) and creates a pain in the rounding of the foot! Moreover, I feel that the shoe requires change my stride … I personally think it’s a shoe that should be used only on track.


Who is this model:

We recommend this model for neutral runners stride , the foot smoothly through the middle or on the outside and especially who does not sag on the inside. It is suitable for runners lightweight (-70kg).
We firmly advise a runner + 75kg for racing use.

What types of use?

The shoe NIKE FREE MOTION FlyKnit RN is designed to your workouts, preferably split, and general physical preparation (building work to improve the support and power) to reproduce the feel of barefoot running. But beware, this shoe is for use in conjunction with a pair of more traditional cushioned shoes to protect you from shock and must be integrated gradually into your workout. To avoid long distance (10km max).