Nike Structure 20 Review

Shoe Info

ModelZoom Structure 20
Heel drop9 mm
Weight10.1 oz. (286 gr.)
Msrp120 US$

Nike Zoom Air Structure 20 Review:

If you already know the Nike range, so this test is summarized quickly: take a Vomero, add a pronation control and a moderately severe maintaining the arch, and you get the Nike Structure 20. But not to deprive yourself of the pleasure of reading this test done with great care, we will study it a little more detail. Here is the Nike Structure 20 review.

First impression

The first impression confirms what I expected from these shoes. A design rather lovely, an undeniable ease of fit, and the feeling of being on a soft mattress protector. The lacing system with cables on the sides -today common among Nike is pretty accurate, but be careful however to distribute the tightening. Otherwise, you might be a little uncomfortable with the feeling of being chopped up.

Side measurements, the fair has a good 300 grams and dust in size 44, and a drop of 10 millimeters. No, Structure 20 is not a racer, but no, it is not either a caravan. Structure 20 is a shoe that seems at first sight quite balanced, yet leaning more toward comfort than the dynamic side. Regarding the mesh, I appreciated the pronounced ventilation, avoiding smoking feet when the mercury is zeal.

Nike Structure 20 (2)

The time of confirmation

Place the sweat, the heart goes up, in short, the test condition of this Nike Structure 20. From the first step, the feeling of comfort is confirmed. It’s a cute slipper, probably a little less dynamic than the Pegasus, but protective.

From this point of view, the correction of pronation is an essential element to consider in your thinking before buying. (NB = pronation foot roll inward). Personally, I have neutral feet sometimes with a slight tendency to pronate when fatigue sets in and the heels deteriorates. And I found this a bit too much correction to me, but not annoying. However, I did not like the rather firm hold under the arch … Others will find it comforting or comfortable.

It must still be aware of this, and we do not buy a structure 20 as one buys a Vomero (to use a comparison with a brand model). Finally that it tends to stretch a bit to ice skating on wet roads, but it has excellent stability overall.

Technology of Nike Zoom Air Structure 20

  • For a fluid and dynamic stride
  • Dynamic progressive Support : harmonious transition, probation control
  • Phylon : Lightness
  • Upper Flymesh seamless as ventilation, keep dry and cool, comfort
  • Flywire cables  : Maintenance and kick lock
  • Zoom Air unit in the forefoot : lightweight and responsive cushioning, dynamism
  • Outsole embossed Adhesion
  • Rail guidance : Fluidity stride
  • Reinforced heel : Maintenance
  • Removable insole : Health and Wellness
  • Weight : 294g in size 42

Zoom Air

Zoom Air cushioning is a responsive and fast system. Thousands expandable fiber are connected to each end within an incredibly thin air cushion. This pad is then filled with air as gases. When air is compressed, the fibers shrink.

With the air pressure and contraction of the fibers, they allow the Zoom Air cushion to absorb shocks to regain his form more quickly, resulting in immediate response in a fraction of at seconds. The air cushion keeps the foot close to the ground, for unusual sensations.

Nike Structure 20 (3)

Dynamic Support

This system is in the middle of the shoe sole and provides a customized maintenance to meet the changing needs of the rider. It is characterized by a more flexible foam for lateral cushioning at impact and a firmer foam core for added support.

Nike Zoom

Lightweight cushioning, ultra-responsive performance. Incredibly flat, the Nike Zoom unit keeps the foot close to the ground to ensure excellent feel and maneuverability. Ultra light.

Dynamic Flywire

The Flywire cables (braided polyester son for maximum strength, like cables on a suspension bridge) wrap the midfoot that integrate with laces for a remarkable maintenance, will stabilize and lock your foot during explosive movements.

Mesh 2.0

Weaving mesh upper in one piece for comfort.


2.0 Mesh is woven in one piece. Seamless for maximum comfort and lightness.

Nike Structure 20 – Conclusion:

The Nike Structure 20 is a running shoe ideal for a runner who seeks comfort, cushioning. Nike Structure 20 is particularly suitable particularly for heavy riders or those who want to wear their shoes over long distances paved the way to a Forrest in the heyday.

Who is this model?

We recommend this model to overpronating feet racers or hyper-pronation, the foot rolls inward, and lightweight medium (-85kg).
Note however that this model will suit a heavier rider (+ 85kg) in the context of occasional use (no more than 2 hours per week) or in the context of use for interval workouts (threshold – VMA ) or competitions.

What types of use?

The Structure 20 is primarily a training shoe, intended both to light jogging (endurance output and recovery) and too much time ride on roads and paths.
However, its dynamic characteristics allow you to use it also on line drives (half marathon or marathon paces) without losing too much regarding feelings and play the card of protection against impacts to the maximum, but also on short and long VMA sessions workout recovery.