ModelSaucony Ride 9
Heel drop8 mm
Weight9.30 oz. (264 gr.)
Msrp120 US$
  • The comfort is very good, this is one of the highlights of Saucony.
  • The Ride 9 is pretty, at least more than its predecessors.
  • They have very good heel support.
  • The shoe is light, it would almost be forgotten
  • Not enough cushioning on the front of the foot for those whose impact is on the front of the shoe. No complaints nevertheless for the rear cushion which is very good.
  • It is a bit warm inside, the mesh does not plays sufficiently its role to evacuate perspiration


A little heavier than its previous version, you opt for more cushioning and responsiveness with the Saucony Ride Shoe 9 white, blue and orange for man. The runners with neutral feet on roads and paths traced seeking stride fluid and dynamic.

Featuring the new everun cushioning from Saucony, you enjoy a higher energy return than the impact. Its SRC insert promotes a smoother transition phase while minimizing shocks.The morphology of the herringbone outsole improves your traction power. The  IBR rubber +  combines excellent resistance to abrasion and lightness.

Saucony Ride 9 (1)

The Saucony Ride 9 boot features a FlexFilm stem that meshes around a mesh for breathability. Its material lightweight,  robust and without stitching ensures comfort while providing a more agile place.


  • Full Running Shoe
  • Drop: 8mm
  • Outsole IBR + rafters: Resistance, lightness, grip and traction
  • XT-900: Traction and robustness at impact points
  • Everun : Reactive damping
  • SRC Inserts: Flexible transition reduces shock
  • FlexFilm upper: Comfort, breathability, seamless and supple
  • Padding on the malleolus: Comfort
  • RunDry inner boot: Antiperspirant, keep dry
  • Removable inner sole: Hygiene, can be replaced by an orthopedic sole
  • Reflective elements: Visibility and hygiene

Technology of Saucony Ride 9:

SRC Impact Zone

Reduces shock and prepares the foot for a smooth transition.


Rubber and carbon sole with outstanding traction without sacrificing strength.


New rubber at the level of the more resistant outsole and 33% lighter than the previous ones.

Saucony Ride 9 (3)

Flex film

A smooth and flexible film, heat-bonded to the upper part of the upper, helps to maintain the foot.


Base layer to keep you dry by evacuating sweat.


Cushioning concept closest to the foot. It is an expanded TPU in polymer base, more durable than the EVA and keeping more vitality throughout the race.

Small beads heated so that they can expand and become Everun technology. Everun technology lasts three times longer than a conventional EVA and offers more dynamism.

4 key benefits for the rider

  1. Vivacity: No more rebound and elasticity felt instantly by the riders.
  2. Cushioning DC: A flexible and fluid cushioning throughout the race with a better distribution of pressure peaks in the forefoot.
  3. Energy Return: Generates 83% energy return versus 75-78% for a conventional EVA.
  4. Durability: Thanks to its design, the sole will retain its original shape throughout the race and the lifetime of the shoe.


Saucony Ride 9 equipped with FLEXFILM technology, reinforced fasteners on the upper, it provides a better fit to the foot and gains in dynamism without additional weight and more comfort by the total absence of seam. And with its new TRI-FLEX outsole, you’ll benefit from a smoother unwinding and a perfect floor hang.

Finally, with its drop of 8mm, you will benefit from more stability and you will approach a little more of a stride called “natural”.


We recommend this model to runners with neutral stride , whose foot rolls well on the axis and does not sag on the inside, and of light weight to average (-85kg).
It should be noted, however, that this model may be suitable for a heavy runner (+ 85kg) for occasional use (1h per week and less) or for use with split drives ( threshold – VMA) Or competitions .


The RIDE 9 is primarily a training shoe , intended for light jogging (endurance riding) and long trips , on roads and roads.
On the other hand, its dynamic characteristics will allow you to use it also on threshold drives (semi-marathon or marathon) without losing too much sensation but also on sessions of short and long VMA in recovery phase, training.